Saturday, February 27, 2010

Full Boat Busycle Rides 2- 27=2010

In the interest of time, I am experimenting with a new format for our ride reports. What you are seeing is an email that I am sending to With the result being the blog you  are now looking at. 

Today's ride may have covered three of four miles and saw lots of new faces coming and going from our machine. 2010 SF to Boston, Rock Star bus owner, John E Cabrera was there with his pigmy bike, the super chicken doll that we taped to the back of the bus and  a killer sidewalk sign holder that we used to point people to the start.

Nitzele was there with brownies that everyone enjoyed and Dr Megan brought her also fun creating spirit and trail  mix and popcorn for all  of us to eat as well.

The rest of the story is told in the pictures and their captions below...

             THX 4 all of U!! 

Here we see Nitzeli Sanchez
and Dr Megan Smith the main organizers of today's ride

They teamed up with actor, John E Cabrera to 
sure we had a blast today!!

We had a full boat with at least half a dozen seats 
that kept changin

Jason Holbrook made a dunce cap out of the 
Busycle megaphone when he wasn't adding the 
power of two people

On this "ascent", the ride over Matadero Creek, we 
almost started rolling backwards.....

                   Side view of today's riders 

We need a tarp!! It took me two hours
AFTER  everyone left, to bootstrap this mess 
on to our machine........

NBG Founding Director, HiWheel Cyclist

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Pictures from Today's Busycle Ride - Captions to Follow

Bus Owner Stops in after 70's Party (He's single ladies..)

Actor and Publicist, John E Cabrera, stopped in on the bus today as we are ramping up for Busycle demonstration rides this afternoon here in Palo Alto. Go to our page (see future rides)  to see the invite. And this guy is full of joy and love. Barring rain, you can even find John E in downtown Palo Alto giving rides on the KwickCart bicycle taxi that he pedals around for free just so he can laugh withh new people. 

Tell me this guy does not look like fun:


And he's single ladies (not a fact he wants me to advertise but I want the best for this gentle spirit whom without we would not be traveling across the US in about 80 days time now per this schedule at the level we soon excitedly expect to!!

    THX 4 all of U!! 

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Busycle Cheers

Horror Story: Busycle Jeff's Cyclist Friend Dead - Motorist Exonerated

Head Busycle mechanic, Jeff Kistler, was good friends with 68 yo Teddy, the man who was killed last  December while crossing 101 in San Mateo on the Hillsdale overpass. They were friends because Teddy rode and he rode and he rode. Not fast but he rode. And it was Jeff who kept Teddy on the road.

And now Teddy is no more. While accidents do happen and people, all of us, do make mistakes, the fact that  Teddy paid for it with his life makes all of us, as cyclists, a lot less safe. The fact that his killer (because that's what you are when you cannot adequately control a several ton vehicle) walked away from all of this with not a price to pay means we must all rise up and demand justice be served here.

Can we let this public mindset persevere :

"(Charges were not brought against the killer because) it's unlikely that a jury would convict him given the facts of the accident."

I met Teddy once while Jeff was tuning his bike up for him. He was quiet. He was polite and very considerate of all those around him. A gentle man, he did not wear lycra or speed around on carbon fiber but his was a genuine love for the bicycle. Almost daily he rode from San Jose to San Mateo, up and down the peninsula, as a way to keep himself occupied. It was his therapy, his rereation and his life. 

This as he endured insults from motorists telling him to get off the road; that he moved too slow. Well now they don't have him to contend with any longer. And it looks like they have the sympathy of the  rest of the public...

So sad ........ :(

From: 2/19 Palo Alto Post <>
Reply-To: <>
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 17:59:24 -0000
To: "" <>
Subject: [BATN] Caltrans SUV driver will not be charged in bicyclist's killing

Published Friday, February 19, 2010, by the Palo Alto Daily Post

No charges in bike fatal
Driver identified in mysterious trip

By David DeBolt
Daily Post Staff Writer

The Caltrans employee who struck and killed a Palo Alto bicyclist with a state-owned SUV on a state furlough day won't face vehicular manslaughter charges, a prosecutor said yesterday.

San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney Sean Gallagher decided not to charge Hamid Khorram, 53, in the death of 68-year-old Theodore Hintz, saying it's unlikely that a jury would convict him given the facts of the accident.

Gallagher's decision made Khorram's identity public for the first time. San Mateo police and Caltrans have kept his name a secret since the Dec. 18 crash and despite public records requests from the Post.

According to Gallagher, Khorram left his Los Prados Park home in San Mateo just after 6 a.m. the day of the crash. Khorram headed west on Hillsdale Boulevard as he headed to Highway 101.

Khorram drove in the far right lane on the Hillsdale overpass, alongside Hintze, who pedaled in the lane because the overpass lacks a sidewalk, authorities said. He struck Hintze at 6:15 a.m. between the northbound and southbound ramps, Gallagher said.

Gallagher said Hintze was reportedly wearing dark clothing and the taillight on his bicycle was not functioning, making him difficult to see.

Khorram was going 20-25 mph, according to Gallagher.

"It doesn't appear he was in a rush," he said.

Took state vehicle home

Khorram, who is listed as a senior transportation engineer on his page, stored the state-owned SUV at his home overnight, Gallagher said. Some employees are allowed to take a vehicle at home, as long as it is kept inside a garage.

What's still unclear is where Khorram was headed. Caltrans had a statewide furlough day the day of the crash, meaning most workers stayed home. Some employees are exempt from furlough days, though Caltrans spokeswoman Heide Carle has refused to provide the Post with the names of employees who showed up for work that day.

Gallagher, the prosecutor, said the police report didn't mention Khorram's destination. Gallagher said he didn't know why it wasn't included, but said it wouldn't have affected the investigation.

Lawsuit expected

Carle said Caltrans is withholding information about the accident because the agency is anticipating a possible lawsuit.

San Mateo County Coroner Robert Foucrault withheld Hintze's name for more than a month, as deputy coroners struggled to track down his family. Foucrault eventually released his name after medical records and items from Hintze's postal box provided no details.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Amazing Eagle OK, Bus Move to PA & Busycle Day

As I kept reminding myself that the day I had planned ahead of me was nothing compared to my actually pedaling the Eagle to Boston in 89 days time now, I biked into the fog on my amazing S&B recumbent. Behind me was the 1891 Eagle HiWheel  that I had spent the last hour securing into my trailer. Ahead of me, 17 miles away, was Tom Schoeniger's tig welding torch.


The bike rode great and the trailer load cooperated without a hitch. However when I got to Tom's quiet neighborhood, his house was even quieter. I texted him. No response. I called. Nothing. Being Valentine's Day, I could not bring myself to wake him and his beautiful wife Theresa so I went to Plan B. 

I got out my heavy cable lock and locked the bike and trailer in  an area where Tom often parks his beautiful 4130 machines. Before I took off, I texted him where to find the key I had hidden and to work on it at his leisure. 

Then I headed back to Palo Alto to the Busycle Ride that Nitzele and her daughter Dafne had put together. Cold and foggy,  a lot of people did not show up. It wasn't until Dr Megan Smith, who slowed down on her way past, agreed to help us pedal, that we did take off. Slowly. 


And even fewer people were  out that we could invite them to join us. In the interest of not being able to get back because they had nothing left (tho they were reasonably fit, Roger and Doris had to be well into their 60's), we only rode to Middlefiield an Loma Verde maybe a third of a mile away.


After Nacho and his wife, Megan, Nitzelie and Jason helped me get the Busycle covered up, It was then that  I biked back to the other side of Mountain View where our 2010 tour bus has been located for the last three months. And no sooner had I gone through the ritual of getting the engine,fired up so it would have the correct air pressure for the brakes and doors (air pressure keeps them closed as well as opens them) than David Lageschulte, a highly regarded supervisor for the Valley Transit Authority, and his dad pulled up. David was pumped and ready to drive!

His dad John, a 1961 Wheaton College graduate, who moved first to Maryland to work six years for NASA and then here to San Jose where he spent 27 years  in a prestigious software engineering  position working for IBM, came out to be a part of the fun. The last time he rode a bus that David drove was 25 years ago. It was then that his son. at 19 years of age,  had become the youngest bus driver in the VTA system as well as one of the youngest in the nation. 


David grew up loving buses. And he loves ours. To him, being able to drive it wihtout passengers and schedules, makes getting behind the wheel of ours feel like a sports car to him,. He couldn't wait to drive some freeway. And he did.  Expertly so!

Then he took us through many of the streets of  Mountain View and Palo Alto as he relived memories of all the many miles he had logged doing so before he soon was promoted to the supervisor position he enjoys today. We even stopped and hung out at the main Palo Alto transit hub with our bus as David hob knobbed with all the bus drivers he knew.

Then we got to Park Automotive Service at 3040 Park Blvd here in Palo Alto where David's challenge was to park the bus adjacent to the fence that separates the car repair shop from the massive parking lot behind Fry's Electronics. In order to do so he had to get the bus to run at  90 degree angle to the street while jumping a curb and powering over two concrete parking stanchions. No Problem! 

While his dad stopped a couple cars in the street and I kept an eye on the fence, David jockeyed our huge 26,000 pound machine into position. A few minutes later he was done! And as we stood there and laughed and talked, JohnE Cabrera, the owner of the bus, showed up!! 


Soon, as soon as we get some of the decals in place and possibly Mona Caron's art work, David wants to drive us all around Palo Alto and even the surrounding cities to help us advertise our mission. Wow!!

So the bus is back in Palo Alto!! Where THX to Don Armstrong and his Park Automotive, we are not only close to all our bike people and other networks but we can expect new untold resources to also come our way. This because we are now located on Palo Alto's real, far more heavily traveled bike boulevard, Park Bldvd!

        THX 4 all of U!! 

Note: 4130inc Tom studied my wheel while I was  busy with the Bus and Busycle.  He placed it under a magnifying lens. He looked inside the walls. He examined the cracks and looked and looked. He gave what he\e saw a lot of thought. 

His pronouncement: Lace it up. It will be be strong enough under tension from the spokes for me to train on it. However, he does not want to see me go cross country on it. The rim is toast, But it will hold up for another few hundred miles as long as I don't go up or down curbs. Yahoo!!

Jeff Kistler says he will pick it up and rebuild it for me tomorrow!! This man, as well, is also amazing!!

            How exciting!!

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Busycle under cover

Went over to the Busycle's new home today and tightened up the job that John E Cabrera did with his dad after we rode Sunday. A machine that lived in my driveway for two years, I had a lot of experience with making it look good enough to keep the neighbor's from complaining. An art form indeed, I spent over an hour buttoning everything all up.

Not many people get to see the Busycle at rest, so here it is:

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Martin Krieg
"Awake Again" Author
'79 & '86 TransCon cyclist
2010 on Eagle w/Busycle & Book
Coma, Paralysis, Clinical Death
Survivor. NBG Founding Director
HiWheel Cyclist

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fervent Busyclist Dave Delgadp Dies on Bike...........

Dave Delgado, the man who towed Unwheeldy from Sharon Heights (near 280 at Sand Hill) to the Ross Road YMCA for the Nov '08 fund raiser we held there, was found dead next to his bike on Purisima Rd! It happened last August 22 and I had seen him probably only a few days before :( A quiet, unassuming man, few even knew he had passed on. It did not seem to get any press (see Los Altos Town Crier report we just found) and I only heard about it while standing in front of Raw Daddy's (James Hall) booth at the Cal Ave Framers Mkt. Maureen Teter, a neighbor who recognized me from pictures at our Busycle site, and who was there to give James a levi back pack she had made to thank him for the gift card he had created for the two Delgado boys (they had lost their mother just a few years before), told me the very sad news......

Dave rode a number of rides for us.

THX 4 your spirit. Gonna miss seeing U around Dave :(

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Eagle - Bus - Busycle and I .......

Nor would any of this be possible without you. With special THX to John E Cabrera, Lori Yung, John OLeary, Virginia Heneghan, Paul Gregg, Ron Bishop, Cathy & Wayne Douglass. Jeff Kistler, Chris Llewellyn, Linda HeDone, Jim Spillane, Tom Schoeniger and Kelvin Clark..

See when we will be in your city at 

           THX 4 all of U!!  

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

2010 SF to Boston Flyer Updated

We're probably going to be running these as color. Do look for them on the streets!!

With special THX to Don Loomis for helping me to get the .Pages software  to run them..

   THX 4 all of U!! 

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